NummyBoy started out as a character that I was building for a mobile game. I really liked seeing the attitude of Nummy, a cute badass. To make Nummy into an NFT, the original design was adapted. It went from a Chibi style, to a figurine.

See below for the progress and the story behind NummyBoy.

This NFT Project pushed me out of my comfort zone, since I had to learn more about NFT's and why they are becoming the future of Art and Art Curators. Yet, I believe that this Project made me grow as an Artist.

The attitude Nummy always gave me, was that he wasn't strong because of his toughness or stature but because of his strong desire to win. Nummy is strong willed and can overcome anything to become number one, hence why he is called nummy.

At first, I didn't know much about NFT's nor did I understand why people found them so interesting. But soon enough, I ended up quite invested into recreating Nummy and making him into an NFT. The idea of sharing Nummy with the rest of the world, made me even more inspired. To the point where I made over 300+ layers.

Nummy is hosted on an IPFS network, which is safer than hosting them on this Website.

There are secret Meanings behind the full story of the original Nummy on the Tier 1 shirts, which have text and custom designs. We don't want to give out any spoilers yet so stay tuned.

There are a few Projects in progress for the near future. One of them is a Raffle of 3D printed NummyBoys. Share the coolest NummyBoy you own and tell your friends about it.

Even though this project is finished, we will keep it growing. Join our discord, we can brainstorm and have a coffee.