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NummyBoy is the first of many habitants in our Nummyverse! Stay tuned for more!

Buying a Nummy makes your Nummy a lottery ticket to get it 3D Printable and appreciate the value of your collection by owning the NFT and 3D Printable File (STL). The 3D printing Giveaway starts when we hit 1k owners. Every owner has an equal chance to win, unless they own more than one. The Winner can share the 3D file with the community at or keep it privately.

The Story

This is the story of NummyBoy. A lonely boy who one day woke up, in an unknown land and without his memories. Confused and lost, he starts to wander the land. To his surprise, NummyBoy is not alone. He is one of thousands of clones, which live in Nummy Land...

Rumors say, that the ‘Original’ Nummy is among them and that he might know the truth. Despite the fact that there are so many clones, NummyBoy decided to go on a mission and find the original NummyBoy. The rarest Nummy of them all.

Will he be able to find the original Nummy? Will he get the answers he desperately wants? And will he finally find his lost memories?

Become an owner and watch our NummyBoy go on an adventure, by collecting the various Nummy Clones. Who knows, you might even get your hands on the rarest of them all… the original NummyBoy and open the door… to an even bigger Nummy Universe!