The NummyBoy NFT comes with 300+ layers, which make every Nummy unique in its own way. There are 45 Accessories, 26 Skin types, 39 Boxes, 54 Headwear, 49 Shirts, 28 Pants, 24 Shoes, 7 different types of Eyes, 5 Facial Hairs, 5 different types of Mouths and 3 Eyebrows.

Even if you don't get one of the rarest ones, each of the NummyBoys are unique.

Use the Chart to find out how rare your Nummy is. The higher the score, the rarer the Nummy. A score higher than 20 means you have one of the rarest Nummy's!

Tier 1

Accessories: Gloves Gold, Axe Gold, Nunchucks Gold, Nunchucks Black Gold, Katana White Gold, Katana Black Gold, Jewelry Gold, Blunt

Body: Gold Wide Ears and Gold

Eyes: Bitcoin eyes

Headwear: All Beanies with Dreads, All Astro Helmets, All Snapbacks, All Crazy Hair

Shirts: All T-shirts and Tank tops with a custom design or Text

Pants: Shorts Jean Dark Ripped, Shorts Jeans Blue Ripped, Shorts Jeans Dark Ripped, Pants Leather

Box: All Limited Edition Boxes

Tier 2

Accessories: Gloves Silver, Axe Silver, Nunchucks Silver, Nunchucks Silver, Katana White Silver, Katana Black, Jewelry Silver, Joint

Body: Silver Wide Ears and Silver

Eyes: Cash eyes

Headwear: All Anime Hair, All Hard Hats, All Short Hair

Shirts: All Dress Shirts

Pants: Shorts Jeans Faded, Shorts Khaki, Jeans Dark Washed, Pants Washed Khaki

Tier 3

Accessories: Gloves Bronze, Axe Bronze, Nunchucks Wood, Katana Wood, Jewelry Bronze, Cigar

Body: Bronze Wide Ears and Bronze

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