Insert 1 Nummy(NUM) Coin

Nummy(NUM) Coins are a Cryptocurrency on the Polygon(Matic) Network just like the NFT's. There 's a limited supply of 1 Trillion Nummy Coins. They can be purchased using Quickswap by importing the contract address. The cryptocurrency uses a Liquidity Generator that rewards people for their HODL. It is very important to mention that these Coins are Experimental. They are not made for people to pump and dump or manipulate, The Liquidity Generator rewards people that hold the crypto and taxes those that want to manipulate it. The Coins are meant to be the currency for the Nummyverse and buying other cool nummy gear.

How to Buy 1 Nummy(NUM)

2. Paste Contract address on

3. Paste Contract address on MetaMask "Import New Token" to see your Nummy Coins